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 Richard ” he touched me ” Millett  keeps the most appalling company, and presides over a blog spot that is for all intents and purposes, a favourite virtual pub for an assorted mix of the most extreme and voluble racists it is possible to imagine. (More on this on a forthcoming page).  Further, his thinking such as it is, is as woolly as Hoffman’s taste in headgear.

Last week’s, channel 4’s 4thought series ran the theme ” Are Jews still persecuted in Britain?”  There were seven contributors, each given around a minute and a half to pontificate on the theme. Richard kicked it off on Monday.  His drift is how he is persecuted and assaulted etc.,  etc., “because he is a Jew” at the “anti Israel” meetings he loves to attend.

He says……….

There is a rise in anti-Semitism in Britain today.  If I go to meetings that are very anti-Israel, JUST to sort of get an idea of what is being said, and I just stand up and put forward a pro Israel view, nothing more than that,  just stand  up and present Israel’s point of view in very modest terms. I have been assaulted, I have been threatened, I have been pushed, I have been shoved. It is very sad  that a Jew in Britain today can’t fully express himself without the fear of being pushed and shoved and bullied.

Hum well, disingenuity is us. Firstly, it is not surprising that Richard finds anti-Semitism to be on the rise given that  for him, anti-Semitism is not the experience of Eden Simones-Jones for example.  Rather, he is an enthusiastic privatiser of language and among the more energetic of those that seek to silence critics of Israel by screaming anti-Semite at them at every opportunity.  Someone that arms himself with a privatised “definition” of an anti-Semite,and devotes his life to tramping around London seeking them out,  is going to find plenty.

Secondly, this portrait of himself as a modest and measured presenter of the Israeli point of view, is a long way from how it really is.

Richard is one of what  an unkind blogger calls “The Three Muppeteers.” The others being Jonathan Hoffman and the mouthy West London cabbie, Harvey Garfield. Hoffman invariably accompanies Richard to these ” anti Israel meetings”.

Hoffman is a self-confessed meeting disrupter and advocate of meeting disruption. He specialises in interrupting speakers and shouting out the most inane questions. Ask Anthony Loewenstein.

WE hand out leaflets, MAKE A FUSS and then blog what happens at the meetings,”.

“We could argue about the best way to advocate for Israel at these meetings. Should you stay silent and hope to be called on in the Q+A, or should you heckle and INTERRUPT. strong preference is to heckle and interrupt.”

He has a long record of being thrown out of meetings, including being thrown out of a Royal Albert Hall proms concert and the House of Commons for hooliganism. It is a record he is extremely proud of and he brags about it at every opportunity.

So Richard and Hoffman are very much a double act.

Jonathan Hoffman

Jonathan Hoffman


Richard Millet

It works like this…

Hoffman disrupts the meeting,  Richard records and/or films the response of the meeting organisers and other participants and then carefully edits the material before publishing it on his blog. He is an extremely skilled editor of material. For example, when the Ahava business was going on, he blogged about it frequently. He published dozens and dozens of video clips, stills and audio recordings taken at the demos over a period of time  exceeding a year. Yet among all this material we never see or hear the EDL, alongside whom he ,Hoffman, Garfield, and one or two others others, were happy to demonstrate. No hint whatsoever, that they were ever there.

He occasionally lets the mask slip. On his blog about the 4thought  programme he tells how, at one meeting, a policeman expressed the hope that he (Richard) wasn’t going to disrupt the meeting, and then “Moi? I replied innocently”

It is all in the cause of free speech you understand. He refuses to accept that if someone expresses a wish not to be filmed, or not filmed by him, that is a perfectly reasonable attitude, particularly in the light of the reputation that precedes him. He also refuses or is unable to understand that if someone books, say, a university facility (room) for a meeting, they are entitled to make that meeting as private or as public as they please.

Richard also is a great big (albeit cuddly) cry baby and a drama queen of Hoffmanesque proportions. Even taking his very own evidence at face value he has never in fact been assaulted despite all his claims. Perhaps the closest he came was when he tried to insist on filming and recording a MEMORIAL MEETING. Fortunately, the police intervened and arrested him before it got too nasty.  (There were no charges).

You can see and hear him crying below.

Well, you can’t see him and hear him anymore.  Since this page was published, barely 24 hours ago (as at 12/12/12), Richard has hurriedly made these clips private, clearly not wanting you to see the reality of his modus. Clearly, a man with a similar sense of integrity and willingness to stand by his words as his buddy Hoffman, who deleted over half his JC blogs when this site appeared.  

The original blog is here.

Interestingly, a large number of Richard’s blogs have very recently become  “comments off”.   Fortunately we have pictures…….

Update 13.44 12/12/12   Having read our comments about the privating of the video clips he has made them public again. Sigh.

Richard created a blog about his appearance on 4thought and did his best to turn it into a vehicle for the furtherance of the vendetta against Stephen Sizer  (another participant).  He was helped along by comments such as “Sizer is an evil antisemite.”

The question is posed..

“what (is) a man who is currently being charged with anti-semitism by the Board of Deputies doing getting a slot to allow him a smooth talking condemnation of anti-semitic activities? Selective anti-semitic activities I might add. I do not think anyone will have to think too deep on this one.”

Incoherent yes, but we think we know what was meant.

The most awful thing about this blog was the attempts to exploit Eden Simones-Jones. Eden is a 16 year old school girl and another participant in 4thought. She has had some terrible experiences that have clearly left her  scarred. Anti-Semitism, the real thing. We hear a lot of how hers was the most touching contribution.

Dan “every time I meet a decent goy I am shocked and surprised  Marks, tells us how it broke his heart.  Well, I suppose even crocodiles cry.

These people are not really interested in the reality of anti-Semitism.  They are not interested in helping Eden to understand what is happening to her.  Nor are they interested in working towards the eradication of this very real thing.  That would be too low-key, too much like hard work, and wouldn’t serve the main cause of self-promotion and hasbara.  They do not understand, or feign not to understand, how their misuse of the expression and the degrading of the force of the expression, makes it so much more difficult to help Eden and other people having similar experiences.

So Eden becomes not a child working her way through early experiences of racism and  needing all the help she can get but  a usable and disposable opportunity for hasbara.

I wonder how Aly Raisman is getting on ?

As one unkind soul cruelly put it, Richard Millet doesn’t get hassled because he’s Jewish, he gets hassled because he’s an asshole.




One Response to “Thought on 4Thought”

  1. Eden Simones-Jones August 16, 2014 at 1:20 AM #

    Hi, I’m Eden, and I’m honoured to be used as an example to distinguish the difference between anti semitism and sensitive Zionism.

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