The Zionist Federation/EDL Alliance


Jonathan Hoffman, as the so-called Jew of conscience points out, your grubby leadership style has transformed the once glorious ZF of Abba Eban and Chaim Weizmann from a vibrant and pluralist association, the very embodiment of democratic Zionism, into a hollow carcass, an organisation many are ashamed to associate themselves with, a quasi-racist entity which mixes with white supremacists.
Take the tone you address people on this blog and the jc, for example.”Fuckwit” – Is that really language befitting a representative of British Zionism? I know nothing about your family situation, but if you have/will have grandchildren at some point, what are they going to think when they read your infantile, filthy comments? Ashamed, I’m guessing.
Buck up your game, Hoffman. You’re behaviour the last couple of years has been deplorable. Sort it out.

We have made a determined effort to improve on this but have been unable to do so.

Hoffman, shoulder to shoulder with, and on a cooperative frolic with Kevin Carroll, cousin of “Tommy Robinson”, the EDL’s front man now eating porridge.
Hoffman and his Siamese twin, Garfield, shoulder to shoulder with Roberta Moore, founder of the EDL Jewish Division and associate of Victor Vancier of the Jewish Task Force.

The  initial impetus for the link-up between the Zionist Federation and the Neo-Nazi English Defense League was the “Ahava demos”.

Ahava is an Israeli company that market what they call “Dead Sea beauty products”.  They had, before they were put of business by Hoffman and his handful of acolytes, a store on Monmouth Street, Covent Garden.

While the product ingredients are obtained from ’48 Israel, it seems that much of the packaging and other processing work is done in an illegal Israeli settlement on the West Bank.

In early 2010, anti-occupation activists began holding regular demonstrations outside the store with the aim of persuading people to boycott it. Very soon, Hoffman mobilised his band of four plus a few other Zionist Federation lunatic fringe “occasionals” including Martin Sugarman.  They began holding equally regular counter-demonstrations at the store, and it is these counter-demos (according to the store owner) that eventually drove the store out of business.

Before long, they had been joined by a considerable turn out of combat-jacketed EDL  fascists.  The EDL, inspired by a crazy Kahanist that goes by the name of Roberta Moore, had established a Jewish division.

It all made for a very colourful scene. Israeli  flags, Union jacks, and a swastika banner all mixed up together.  From all this arose the charge that is the subject of this essay.

The charge is that an element of the Zionist Federation of Britain and Ireland, which habitually represents itself AS the Zionist Federation, has established links with the Neo-Facist English Defense League.

The Zionist Federation as a whole, is guilty of tolerating this element.  The Jewish Chronicle, to its eternal shame, is guilty of providing an unfettered platform  to the self-styled “leader” of this element and thereby aligning itself with their extremist racist tendencies.

It is clear that Hoffman welcomed the EDL  presence at the Ahava demos and overwhelming evidence that he was happy to demonstrate alongside them.  Anyone who doesn’t accept this, at least privately, probably thinks that denial is a river in Egypt. Further, the “powers that be”  in the major Jewish organisations KNOW THIS TO BE THE CASE


On December 13th 2009, Rabbi Aaron Goldstein blogged on the Jewish Chronicle site. His blog was entitled..

Supporting our Muslim neighbors

 Today, as I write, our Muslim neighbours are being scapegoated by the English Defence League and others from outside our area, whose only goal is to instill hatred.  My shul and other Liberal and Reform synagogues are supporting our neighbours.

Now, Hoffman, at this time, dominated the JC blogs by sheer volume of output.  Blogging obsessively and incessantly, nothing came and went without a comment from him. However, on this occasion, nothing.

On December 14th 2009, Rabbi Goldstein blogged again, headed:

Continued support for Harrow Central Mosque

Getting the message through to our local community that we will not stand for the hatred being put out by The English Defence League and their ilk. 

The following was posted by Harrow Central Mosque.

 Harrow Central Mosque is extremely grateful that so many people of different faiths stood shoulder to shoulder in support of and in solidarity with this great centre of peace and harmony.

This time Hoffman did jump in. But with a truculent sarcastic comment.

He said….

Excellent.  I am sure the members of the Harrow Central mosque will be there to help us at the next anti-Semitic Amnesty or BICUP  meeting.  Maybe you and Rabbi Frank Dabba Smith will be there too as well as the surrounding Liberal and Reform communities.

So no expression of abhorrence for the EDL, no expression of support for the Rabbi and the Muslims who are his (Hoffman’s) neighbours too.  Not even silence.  Just sarcasm. Needless to say Hoffman didn’t turn up to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Mosque.

The reality is that Hoffman will be tolerant of anyone in the event that, and for so long as, they are singing HIS particular hymn, and is not much worried about whoever and whatever else they may be. So when the EDL start turning up at Ahava,  Hoffman is predisposed not to be “agin em”.


Roberta Moore, Hoffman and Garfield

Well they clearly are at a demo.  And you couldn’t get much more “ alongside”  than that.  And does he look happy?  Yes he does. In fact, we have seen hundreds of Hoff photos and this is the only one we have seen in which he does look happy. He is a very unhappy man, but this seems to be a rare day on which he is enjoying himself.

So we have   “ happy to demonstrate alongside…….”

This famous “threesome” picture was taken at the August 14th 2010 demo, and was all over the internet within hours, nay minutes.  Now, Hoffman simply assumed that it had been taken by Seymour Alexander, who is unparalleled  in his enthusiasm for photographing and videoing Hoffman.  He immediately starts screaming that it was bloody obvious that it was photo shopped.  He screams this everywhere, on all the blog sites he frequents, etc.  He  would be screaming this to this very day, despite knowing that it wasn’t  true.  He could safely do this because he knows that Seymour is not the kind of person that could be bothered to argue with him or sue him or engage with him in any way whatsoever.

Now, if the situation was the innocent one he subsequently claimed and didn’t mean anything, why did he feel a need to discredit the photo in this particular way?  The answer of course is that the photo very much does mean something.

Hoffman subsequently learned that the photo had been taken by, not Seymour, but David Hoffman, who, in Hoff’s own words, is a respected photo journalist. This was an entirely different matter.  David Hoffman’s professional integrity was being called into question. In the light of this, Hoff published a grovelling apology:

On my Jewish Chronicle blog I described a photograph taken on 14 August 2010 at the pro-Ahava demonstration as “fraudulent”.  I also wrote “That photo was ‘Photoshopped’ — and it is bloody obvious that it was ‘Photoshopped'”.  I do not discuss but I do identify lies and fraudulent Photoshopped photos.

These statements were entirely without foundation and I had made no attempt to check their accuracy. I accept that the photo was absolutely genuine and had not been tampered with in any way. The photographer, David Hoffman, is a well-known and respected photojournalist and I apologise to him unreservedly for my hasty and unfounded comments and for the distress and embarrassment caused.

David Hoffman has subsequently wondered how on earth Hoff has gotten away with his EDL affiliations, given the context of the photo and the other relevant photos in his library.

David Hoffman’s web site

From here on, Hoffman is attempting a tricky balancing act.  He has belatedly awakened to the problems this EDL association is causing him.  But he can’t bear to be without them so he combines damage limitation with being careful not to say anything that will offend them to the extent that they will stop turning up.

It should be born in mind that without the EDL, the counter demos he proudly “leads” would consist of three or four regular ZF  lunatic fringers, one or two occasionals and a couple of Welsh Christian Zionists with glazed over eyes  Richard Millet himself, commented on one of Hoffman’s blogs, that the great majority of those attending the counter demos were “not Jewish”.   This was true.  Millet meant they were EDL people.  The EDL gave Hoff colour and numbers. And he had unshakable faith in his energy and nuisance value which he felt would protect him from suffering too much damage.  This wasn’t an irrational perspective. For a long time it did.


On 18th November 2010, Hoffman circulated, using Zionist Federation headed paper, details of the disastrous buycott weekend. This, to take place on (Saturday) 2oth November and the 21st November.  He makes a special plea for non-Jews to turn out on the Saturday.

There appeared almost simultaneously on the EDL Facebook page, a piece by Roberta, providing the self-same and detailed information on the buycott  as contained in Hoffman’s letter, and making a similar appeal for support.  This buycott was Hoffman’s big play.  He was desperate for it to be seen as some kind of success, but knew that he could not hope for this by relying on the Jewish turn out. So Roberta was asked to pull out all the stops. The language in his appeal is strangely un-Hoffmanesq, and is suggestive of an input from Roberta.

Now, Hofman had blogged about the boycott  in mid-September,  but without the current detail. There had been nothing since. It is difficult to believe that she picked up the information so quickly without there having been communication. In fact we know they were communicating in November 2010 ( see below ).

AUGUST 15, 2010

Fascinatingly on the 15th August 2010 there had appeared on the EDL web site this…..

We wish to state hereby, that although we were protesting jointly with the Zionist Federation,  headed by Mr Jonathan Hoffman, we were not asked by the ZF to protest alongside them. This was our decision and we imposed ourselves upon them. The ZF had no choice but to share the space with us.

Now, why did Roberta say this at this time?  There had been a sorta kinda miniscule EDL turnout at the July 31st demo but this had gone virtually unnoticed.  No one made a big deal of it.  Hoffman had no reason to think he had a problem over it and therefore, neither did Roberta.  Throughout July, up to 14th August, he gave no indication that he had any sense of the fire storm he was driving into, and there is no reason why he should have.  Ahava is a little in the way of old news by July, and he never blogs about it on the JC (his main forum) until 11th August, and then the subject is the acquittal of the  four people who occupied the shop, not the ongoing demos. There was no realisation that there was a problem until the late afternoon/evening of the 14th.  There was no time for Roberta to independently digest the implications for Hoffman by the 15th when she put out a press release containing the statement.

So why DID Roberta say this at this time?

The answer is simplicity itsef. Remember that in the days following the threesome photos appearance, Hoff was in a frenzied panic, desperately trying to neutralise the damage.  Much of the effort was concentrated on the JC and Richard Millet blogs. On August 11th, Hoffman had started yet another of his interminable JC  blogs.  This one whining about the acquittal of four activists who had occupied the Ahava  shop.  By the 15th  it had turned into a bloody war of words between him and a handful of unsympathetic bloggers  about the EDL. He has recently deleted this blog but we have a picture of it  and here are some pertinent extracts.

TS @ 09.36

So now we know  the current vc of the zf is happy to stand shoulder  to shoulder with the holocaust deniers and the neo Nazis of the EDL….

JH @ 09.44

Rant all you like, you are a boring, insignificant  anti-Zionist nonentity who does not even have the guts to use his own name….no one gives a flying fuck what you think.

Inky @11.41

Vice chairman of the Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland  demonstrate with English Defence League at Covent Garden, 14th August 2010.

He supplies a link to a You tube clip

 See the vice chair of the ZF @ 1.12 approx and Richard Millett @ 4.51

Inky @ 4.49

Would someone at the Federation please take note of  this.

Inky @ 12.47


This is from Tony G

Is this true?  Almost holding hands and skipping down the street?

Zair @ 12.44

Please state categorically Jonathan that there was no contact or coordination between the ZF and the EDL re this demo.

(This, throughout,  he refuses to do.  Presumably, because he is reeling from the emergence of the photo and doesn’t know what else is out there).

JH @ 13.10

Please drop dead.   I do not do the bidding of insignificant armchair pip squeaks who cower behind pseudonyms and never turn up to the Ahava counter demos.

TS @13.14

A straight answer to a straight question would suffice.

DLE @ 13.22

You have said that several times now Jonathan…..

This goes on and on and on in similar vein with Hoff merely yelling back irrelevant abuse  e.g . “you sanctimonious little worm”, and similar stuff.

He posts at 17.10 and is silent until 21.14 when he reappears to post a link to Roberta’s press release,  and a transcript of Roberta’s statement.  The air of desperation is palpable.

What is most interesting about this laughably transparent attempt to help him out is this.

His referring to it on the blog during the August 15th re-run of the bloody battle of Kunersdorf is the ONLY time we have seen him so do. (There may be other instances but we haven’t found them).  It doesn’t even get a mention in the “debunking” article on Harry’s Place, which he sells as the great and final not guilty verdict.  Why is this?  Why doesn’t he use it at every opportunity?  Why does he not regard it as his staple exoneration ?

The reason is that Roberta’s statement is more of an embarrassment than a help.  She refers to a “joint demonstration.”

Subsequently, Hoffman realises that this confirms that there was “proactive contact” between him and the EDL prior to this demo.  On the 20th of August, he is threatening to sue Tony Greenstein for using the self same expression “joint demonstration”.   

Anonymous said…

“Jonathan Hoffman of the Zionist Federation and the EDL’s Roberta Moore Hold a Joint Demonstration”

This title is defamatory since it implies there was proactive contact between me and the EDL prior to this demo. There was none.

Please alter it by Monday 8am to something which does not suggest active contact. Or you will hear from my lawyer.


Needless to say, Greenstein never heard from Hoff’s lawyer.

Not less disastrously, she also bangs on about the Zionist Federation as if Hoff IS the Zionist Federation.  This causes him problems and makes it impossible for him to use.

Hoffman, in print or typescript, feigns to make it clear when he is talking for himself and when he is talking about the Zionist Federation (e.g see his JC profile).  In practice, on the ground, he uses his strange position as co-Vice Chairman of the Zionist Federation as a calling card, and deliberately gives the impression that people are dealing with the Zionist Federation, led by himself.

A typical example is the Brian Coleman affair.  The Barnet journalists and bloggers, most of whom have probably never heard of the Zionist Federation, all talk of how The Zionist Federation, led by Jonathan Hoffman, turned up to demonstrate in support of Brian Coleman, and how the Zionist Federation ate all the biscuits not intended for them, etc., etc.

Hordes of ZF supporters outside Hendon Town Hall

The Zionist Federation hordes protest outside Hendon Town Hall

In short, Roberta’s statement, rather than helping Hoffman, seemingly inadvertently and well-meaningly (koff) stitches him up.  This is typical of Roberta’s handling and grooming of Hoffman throughout.

It is worth mentioning that the JC  blogs were far from the only place that this desperation manifested itself.  For example, Richard Millett started a new blog on his site which in effect sought to explain away the events of August 14th.  It ran to 300 comments.


Hum, well.  Hoffman and sympathisers are given to telling us that the charge of being happy to demonstrate alongside the EDL has “been debunked.”  The reality is that it hasn’t been addressed at all.

In a comment on our page Jonathan Hoffman?  Who is he ?,  Adam Levick writes …

“First, the EDL smear has been thoroughly debunked.  But you knew that didn’t you?”

By debunked, he means by a blogger calling himself Alan A. on the Harry’s Place blogs.  This doesn’t even attempt to engage the hard questions but rather, makes a series of misrepresentative and unsubstantiated statements.

During the course of those demonstrations, on a few occasions, various supporters of The English Defence League turned up.  On a few occasions ? Various supporters ?

Unfortunately for Tony Greenstein, Jonathan Hoffman has been active in anti-racist politics and is a clear opponent of the EDL.  Really ?

There is a world of difference between the occasional arrival of a wiccan EDL  supporter……..  Occasional arrival ?

Jonathan Hoffman has made his opposition to the far right and the EDL clear……”  Really ?

Unfortunately that is just what he hasn’t done, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this and we wouldn’t have written it.  That is all he had to do at the outset, and had he done so, none of this would be happening.

In essence, Alan A. tells us that the “smear” is debunked because  Jonathan Hoffman says so…

Nothing of substance is addressed EXCEPT the issue of whether Hoffman asked the police to provide a separate pen.  Much store is put by him on this.

Hoffman was first advised to do this by a blogger during the August 15th verbal war.  He claims there are emails showing that he did do this shortly thereafter and it is not difficult to believe this, given his panicky condition at the time.  But curiously, on 2nd October,  he is engaged in an exchange of words on the JC blog site that suggests he had not, by this time, asked the police for separate pens.


Jonathan you could ask the police for a pen away from the EDL but you choose not to. Why do you choose not to ?


Scum you could choose to go and live in Riyadh, North Korea or Teheran where the state controls who demonstrates on the streets. Many UJIA donors would like to see the back of you. I would too and even contribute to your airfare.

Why do you choose not too?


Jonathan it’s obvious that you and your three or four acolytes stand with the EDL out of choice. That’s why you don’t have the cajones to have words with Roberta Moore or call for another pen.


Go forth and multiply  treacherous vermin. Fink and Greenstein you are welcome to join the buycott but don’t hold out your hopes. You are beyond cosmetics. Face transplants maybe but Ahava don’t sell those.

Well, on 2nd October, Hoff is taking stick on the separate pen question and he just responds with meaningless insults, rather than saying  “ I have done, but the police won’t do it.”

This is maybe explainable as a piece of  “fuck you ” chutzpah.  He was very upset at the time.

What we do know from Alan A’s “debunking”, is that he got an email from the police dated 25th October, refusing a request for a separate pen.  When the request was made, and whether this was a first or second or third request, we do not know.

From: Martin.G.Edwards@XXXXX
Sent: 25 October 2010 15:40
To: jonathan.hoffman@ xxxxxxxxxxxx
Cc: xxxxx

Subject: RE: Demonstrations outside Ahava:  next one November 7th

Mr Hoffman

Thank you for your email.

Whilst I understand your personal concerns about being photographed, you will recall that we discussed this when you met with us at Kentish Town Police Station. I have reviewed our policing of the protests and PC Shrotri is correct in informing you that we will continue to provide 2 pens for protestors, namely one for anti-Ahava and one for pro-Ahava.


Martin Edwards | CT Operations Inspector | Camden Borough
Met Phone | xxxxx| Telephone 020 xxxxxx | Mobile | Email Martin.Edwardsxxxxx
Address | Kentish Town Police Station, 12A Holmes Road, Kentish Town NW5 3AE

Alan A. tells us that it is clear that Jonathan Hoffman took this concern seriously.  But which concern?  See the email from the police.  “ Whilst I understand your personal concerns about being photographed……”  It seems the concern Alan A. has in mind is not a concern he (Hoffman) has about his distaste for being in the proximity of the EDL, but a concern about being photographed.

There is a story that has gained currency that Hoffman was overheard  saying to a journalist at the June 2nd 2010 demo outside the Israeli embassy, that since there was no crossover between the EDL and the BNP, it was ok.  Now, we don’t know who is said to have heard this and we have found no report of it in any publication.  So that one has to be assigned to the cutting room floor.


We CAN see that his alleged denouncing of the EDL doesn’t amount to much.

He is on record as saying …

I told Stephen Bates that there was some crossover between the BNP  and the EDL and that the EDL sometimes intimidated Muslims and that both these are reprehensible.

Reprehensible ?  Is that it  ?

We also have

I told the journalist from Race Today (I think that was the name of the paper) that in so far as there was a crossover between the BNP and the EDL they were to be abhorred and the ZF dissociated itself from any racists present.

In so far as?  In other words in so far as there wasn’t a crossover it was ok?  This isn’t a million miles from what was alleged to have been over heard.

Extraordinary language for Hoffman. He doesn’t do understatement.  If you wish him good morning you will be lucky to escape with …

“dirty, filthy,unconsionable, Jew baiting, little fucking pisher”, or some close variant.

Yet the EDL are SOMETIMES reprehensible and SOME of them are  SOMETIMES abhorrent.  And the ZF (not Jonathan Hoffman, specifically) “dissociated itself from any racists present.”

How ?


In late 2011, Hoffman embarked on one of his excruciating childish vendettas. Dan Sheldon, the campaigns officer of the Union of Jewish Students, had referred to him being  “happy to demonstrate alongside the EDL.”

Hoffman had one of his frequent hissy fits and organised one of his tedious online petitions (groan) calling for his (Sheldon’s) removal from office.  Below is a copy of “signature” no 94.


Name: Ufara Bat-Asherah on Nov 7, 2011

Comments: Jonathan is a good friend and ally who was not afraid to stand alongside us outside Ahava.  He is someone who will do what others only think and is a true Zionist.  The ones who are against Jonathan are the real anti-semites.  Am Yisrael Chai!

Ufara Bat-Asherah is Roberta  Moore.

Within twenty minutes, this had been removed, but not before an alert blogger had copied it.

Then Roberta re-posted (signature no 95), this time simply telling us what a wonderful Zionist he is, leaving out the kissy kissy stuff.


Name: Roberta on Nov 7, 2011

Comments: Jonathan is a bullwark of Zionism and a staunch supporter of Israel. The enemies of Israel should be groveling in the dirt for his forgiveness. What has been said about him is a disgrace.

What happened is obvious. Hoff asked Roberta to sign his petition, or she did so on her own initiative.  It doesn’t matter.  Horror of horrors….. Roberta makes another of her deliberate mistakes, in much the same way as on August 15th.  The “signature” and accompanying comments are pulled and Roberta then re-posts minus the incriminating stuff.  This sequence of events could not have taken place without communication.  All of this happened in the space of 35 minutes or so.  Signature 94 was there for about 20 minutes, leaving 15 minutes.  It is highly improbable that Roberta was paying sufficiently close attention to know that her signature had been pulled.  And even if she knew, she would not have known why, without someone telling her.  That there was communication is as clear as it could possibly be.  Within 15 minutes, Roberta knows that her signature is being pulled, learns why, and re-signs with a version minus the incriminating stuff.

ZF lunatic fringer Martin Sugarman, on the wilder side of life.


This appeared on Richard Millett’s blog on May 15th, 2011.

Sharon Klaff | May 15, 2011 at 10:33 pm |

Hey Richard – great piece! Nice to see the view fromWagamamas as it is evident that the suport was miniscule!! Bravo to the youngsters who came out for Israel – no violence on their tongues and no hatred in their eyes; and thanks to the EDL who supported us from across the road, respecting the fact that many amongst the Jewish community did not want them to mingle with us, unlike the hate filled mob sporting Hizbollah flags emblazoned with a rifle, supported by those frock-coated filthy bearded Yiddish speakers. They will one day have to account to God for their sins!

Sharon Klaff is a dyed in the wool unreconstructed Hoffmanista.  She automatically “signs” all of his online petitions, regardless of the subject.  She hangs out with him on Richard Millett’s blog spot, where she treats us to her neo-fascist musings.  She jumps in with support when he is in trouble on the JC blogs (frequently).  She was a regular companion on the Ahava demos.  She was part of the inner circle that must have discussed the EDL issue at length.

Yet here she spills the beans.

She THANKS the EDL, who SUPPORTED  us.  She expresses gratitude that they did so from across the street because many in the Jewish community did not want them to mingle with us.  In other words, we want their support but we don’t want the Jewish community to be hit with any more photos of them standing too close.

Is this not a frank expression of the position of Hoffman and his acolytes ?

Is Sharon not saying what we are saying but with the benefit of inside information ?

Sharon Klaff is a regular contributor to Richard Millett’s blog and is a two-state solution fan.  Except that she doesn’t mean two states for two people west of the river.  She is an unashamed Judeo- fascist.  She means a Jewish Israel between the river and the sea and Jordan being “Palestine”.

When asked about the status of the non-Jews in what is now the West Bank, she steadfastly refuses to say.  We can only assume the worst.  We also suspect that Sharon Klaff’s position is Hoffman’s position since he, too,  refuses to declare what he thinks on these questions.

Sharon Klaff mouthing off with Hoffman backing her up


Faced with the appearance of the EDL, what might Hoff have done?  What would you have done?  Might he have written to Roberta, making it an open letter which he might have posted as a blog and press release along the following lines…?

Dear Ms Moore

Re: the prospective presence  of yourself and your associates at the Ahava counter demonstrations.  

As the leader of these Zionist Federation events, I wish to make it categorically clear that your presence is neither desired nor welcome.  I regard your organisation as disgusting and contrary to everything we stand for. There is NO  overlap between the interests of yourselves and ourselves. Quite the contrary.

We are engaged in protesting the attempt to organise a boycott of a legitimate Jewish business.  Your objectives you have made abundantly clear  and they are anathema to us.

I am fully aware that in this relatively free country it is not my prerogative to say who may demonstrate and where.  However, your presence is detrimental to our objectives and I would be extremely pleased if you would stay away.  In any event, I can’t for the life of me understand your interest in this particular issue.

Please understand that this issue is important to us and it is most unfortunate that your insistence on being present amounts to a wrecking exercise.  Maybe that is the intention.



Jonathan Hoffman


He could even have gotten to call her a scumbag and a pisher if he really felt he had to.  How simple it would then all have been.

How conclusive.

He did nothing remotely like this.

The question is why not?  So simple.  So obvious.  So completely exonerating.

Answer….he didn’t want to.


The answer to this is a complex multi- layered one, and closely tied up with Hoffman’s delusional character and sense of untouchability.

It must be remembered that for Hoffman, the Ahava thing wasn’t about Israel.  It never is with him.  It was personal.  It was all about beating “Brucie” (Bruce Levy).  This was a motivation shared by Harvey Garfield.  By August, the meagre band were being hopelessly out gunned by their perceived foes, with Levy prominent among them.  Further, they were being taunted by Levy and others about the acquittal of four activists that had occupied the store.  Apparently, the store owner, a key witness, had failed to turn up in court because she feared, rightly, that she would have to argue for the legality of the business.

By late May, Hoffie was a very depressed and unhappy man.  His counter-demos were sad, sorry, ineffectual affairs, and there was little he could do about it.  “Brucie“ was running rings around him.  He was being mocked on his beloved JC  blogs that he had come to feel that he owned.  Then on May 25th 2010, Richard Millett posted a blog on his site that he called “Ahava feels the heat”.  At this time (as now), the big man on Millett’s blog site was one Daniel Marks.  More about Marks on another page, but briefly, he is an Israeli Judeo-Fascist so extreme he makes Sharon Klaff seem like ringa ringa rosy. He has been described by the extremely temperate Adam Wagner as ” creepy “.  Marks is always very patronising towards London Jews, positioning himself as the real thing, frequently implying that if they were real Jews they would jump on a plane and beat it to Israel.

In particular, he is very patronising of Hoffie.  Hoffie hates him but doesn’t have the balls to attack him under his own name because Marks holds the audience.  So he (Hoffie), uses one of his many aliases for that purpose.

On the 25th, Marks was being particularly merciless.

“Your parents and grandparents stopped Mosley in the East End.”

“Now is your chance to show that anti-Semitism won’t fly in London.”

And crushingly……..”You need to go on the offensive.”

Hoffman responds…..

Jonathan Hoffman | May 25, 2010 at 1:00 pm|

We are on the offensive. Do not worry. Your point about Mosley in the East End is very well taken. Certainly the Christians who travel from Wales to stand with us understand it.
But I have doubts about others – who should know better.
You know who you are.

You can almost see his bottom lip trembling., particularly when at the end he screams at the “ as a Jews “ who are letting him and Israel down. He always blames these mythical “as a Jews” for his innumerable misfortunes.

A blogger calling himself Mostly Harmless responds….

mostly harmless | May 25, 2010 at 3:01 pm

Jonathan a turn out of 4 people is hardly ‘on the offensive’ i think you need to send out the call to more than 600 people next time :)

So Hoffman’s depression and misery is almost complete.  Not quite complete….that comes a few days later.

Marks’ mistake (probably deliberate mistake) is to assume that Hoffman and his little mob are in any way representative of British Jews.  He purports not to see that they are a bunch of extremist renegades that most of the community wouldn’t be seen dead alongside.  Would you associate yourself with THIS ?

There is NOTHING he can do to improve the Ahava situation.  He must have felt like Frederick the Great in his darkest hour.  Except that it wasn’t “Ruskies to the left of me, Frenchies to the right of me, Austrians to the front of me.”  It was “PSC to the left of me, BDS to the right of me, filthy fucking scum bag as a Jews to the front of me.”

In Hoffmanesque terms, he is not doing much wrong.  The reality of Ahava is that it is the true reflection of the extent of his activist constituency.  This little bunch shout above their weight largely on the back of Hoffman’s calling card, his position as co-Vice Chairman of the Zionist Federation, a position to which he was elected, because he was the only candidate. This is why it is so important that it is taken off him.

A few days later, June 2nd, the ZF organised a demo outside the Israeli Embassy in support of Israel over the flotilla incident.  The estimates of the turnout vary but the lowest figure given is 300.  There were probably more than this.  All in all, a big success.  The contrast between the success of this official ZF enterprise and the miserable failure of his renegade frolic of his own Ahava enterprise, must have weighed upon him greatly, making him even more depressed.

The ZF demo is notable for the fact that Roberta Moore and a few other EDL  people were there too.  Was this where the seeds of the link-up were sown ?

For Hoffman, the EDL  turning up at Ahava was mana from heaven.

In addition to his practical needs there was a genuine “connection” between Hoffman and Roberta.  She is his kind of girl.  She is a proper Jew,  just like him.  Not like the “as a Jews” of the BOD and the saner elements of the ZF.  They shared the overwhelming sense that “the leadership didn’t do enough” (or even anything).  She, like him, was all about sleeves rolled up action.  Neither was much concerned with the conventional “solution” parameters.  Roberta believes there is no solution, we just have to fight back like we were up against the Nazis.  We are sure  Hoffman feels much the same way.  Why should he blow out a proper Jew like Roberta to placate a bunch of ashamed lilly livered “as a Jews”?

All this, together with his highly developed sense of his nuisance value (not entirely misplaced), causes him to think he can manage the situation.  The strategy is to make a few desultory mildly critical noises about the EDL, get on record that he asked for separate pens, and go nuclear whenever anyone in the community raised the issue.

At this time, Alan Lake’s big idea of the perfect storm was at the core of EDL strategy.  This is the idea of a coming together of an intelligentsia and street activists.  Brains allied with brawn.  The basis of the brawn was a loose amalgam of soccer hooligans, various firms and bands of ultras.  It was also trying to get the balance right.  A street presence, but also growing respectability, to facilitate the establishment of a political party.  It was also looking for rapid growth, to grow more rapidly than was possible organically.  Lake’s favoured solution was inorganic growth through alliance and amalgam with like minded groups.  He approached various groups including UKIP and SIOE, with mixed results. They either weren’t interested in Lake’s EDL connection, or they fell short in respect of Lake’s big requirement respectively. They were all mouth and no trousers. They talked a good game but didn’t DO ANYTHING.

By this time Roberta and Lake were an “ item”.   While the faux Zionist posture had long been vaguely there, Roberta brought it to the fore and acted upon it. Where can we get some quick growth  and at the same time increase our respectability? DING DING DING DING DING !!!!!!


And how do we get to the Jews ?

Well, there is this portly little guy out on the Covent Garden streets every other Saturday come rain or shine.  He has a little bit of a following.  There is no doubting his energy and commitment  and it seems he is something called the co-Vice Chair of the Zionist Federation.  Seems like he must BE SOMEBODY.

You can imagine the pitch. “Jonathan, you hate Muslims.  We hate Muslims. You are a get up and doer, as are we.  And we are ZIONISTS !!!!  We can help you out here.”

A little bit of flattery (which he is a sucker for) and Hoffman is hooked. So as well as a need for numbers, and a “connection” with Roberta, there is an emotional attachment to the alliance.

In any event, there is an EDL turn out at the Embassy demo on June 2nd.   Hoffman and Roberta are both there.  Very shortly after, accompanied by a big fanfare, the EDL Jewish division is launched.

JD/EDL official video

The first hint of an EDL turn out at Ahava occurs on July 31st.  Then the big coming together at Ahava 0n August 14th.


There are many opportunities in the coming months for Hoffman to emphatically denounce and disassociate himself from the EDL.  He refuses them all.  Most notably, in November 2010, an initiative called  Not In Our Name–Jews against the EDL, was launched.  It was an initiative of the Union of Jewish Students.  It was supported by over a dozen organisations including the Board of Deputies, Community Security Trust, The Israeli Embassy, Jews for Justice for Palestinians, Holocaust Educational Trust, and The Jewish Council for Racial Equality.  But surely we forgot to mention the Zionist Federation?  Well, erm, yes and no.

The launch of the initiative was reported by the Jewish Chronicle on November 11th  here.

There is no mention of the ZF.  On the 13th, a blogger reports that the ZF had added its name.  So, at the time the initiative was announced, the ZF  had not come on board.  They must have been approached.  So what is going on here? The Spartans had a half decent excuse for being late at Marathon.  They had a 400 mile march.  But why is the  ZF  dragging its feet?  Is there a lack of consensus among ZF officials over this?  Did an element in the ZF oppose participation?  Or was it merely that the ZF has a longer decision making process than other organisations?  We don’t know.

What we can say is that this “element” was extremely unenthusiastic.  Here was an ideal opportunity for Hoffman to make his position clear. He likes to lead.  He is co-Vice Chair of the Zionist Federation.  He is the man with the street energy.  He is the ideal man to lead the Zionist Federation into this particular fray and kill talk of his EDL sympathies once and for all.  Does he?  Au contraire.  He and his 2 or 3 acolytes are more interested in the diversionary tactic of trying to focus attention on JFJFP.

Hoffman’s contribution to the blog posted on the issue on the 13th is morose and sulky.  He is clearly not a happy man.  The contributions of his sidekick Garfield are, to put it mildly, not enthusiastic.

Garfield says ….

To mention Zionist Federation in the same breath as JFJFP is anathema…………

The self-hating as a Jew members of JFJFP are………

………in my book they (JFJFP) are 100 times worse than the EDL.

So, Harvey Garfield thinks people like Dan Judelson and Deborah Maccoby  are 100 times worse than the likes of Alan Lake, Roberta Moore and Tommy Robinson, etc.

It’s much the same as the EDL turning up to demonstrate outside Ahava alongside supporters of Israel.  There is a COMMON CAUSE (our emphasis) in countering the Socialists and Islamo fascists, but it does not mean we align ourselves with or condone the EDL.  THEY ARE SIMPLY THERE AND SO ARE WE (our emphasis).

So, Garfield acknowledges a common cause between the EDL and the Zionist Federation, and seems perfectly relaxed and happy with this.  No wonder he was perfectly happy to demonstrate alongside them.

Interestingly, Roberta Moore joins the discussion.

But fear not…. Hoffie gives her what for, telling her to clear off, we don’t want EDL scumbags in here.

We lie.

He didn’t do that.

He remained silent except for addressing her politely at one point.

And this brings us to another reason why Hofmanf doesn’t take opportunities to make his attitude to the EDL clear.


Roberta is the one person who could destroy him and all he holds dear in a heartbeat.  He got into bed with Roberta.  And when someone as stupid as Hoffman gets into bed with Roberta, you can be sure she has him all sewn up.  You don’t get out of bed until she says “get up and make me a cup of tea.”  Also, as well as being brilliant, (and she is brilliant), she is also highly unstable and unpredictable.  It must all have been extremely nerve racking for him.

Roberta would often turn up on blog threads that Hoff was engaged in.  It would seem she was taunting him.  He can’t say anything too friendly for obvious reasons.  Nor can he slag her off.  The only option is silence.  That is the option he takes.  In fact, we might say that there is only one person that can shut Hoff up, and that, by her mere presence.

You can almost smell the deal.  He is allowed to make the minimum desultory criticisms necessary for him to manage the situation, but there is a red line and not a very generous one at that.  Since Roberta is unstable, He never knows quite where  this line is.  So he plays it safe and keeps his mouth shut.

In the blog thread of November 13th, Roberta gets a little confused about who Harvey is.  The blogger starts the blog by saying that Harvey Rose has taken the ZF into the anti-EDL  initiative.  Roberta scrolls up and sees this and thinks the Harvey who is typing away, the Harvey that she knows from the demos, is the Harvey the blogger refers to.  That is, “her Harvey”, Hoffman’s mate Harvey, is the Harvey that has taken the ZF into the initiative.

She starts to get stroppy and threatening.  This obviously panics Hoffman because he emerges from his long silence to say…

That is not the Harvey you imagine.

Roberta ignores him and says something threatening again.


You think the clearing up of this misunderstanding was taken elsewhere ? So do we.

On the 15th May, Millett starts a blog about a Naqba day demo but it very quickly goes off topic.  Before long, it is dominated by an argument between Ian Sternberg and Sharon Klaff about the EDL.  Sternberg is saying that no Jew should have any truck with the EDL and Klaff is saying they should be welcomed, common enemy etc.,  etc.  Before long, Roberta appears, shoves Klaff to one side,  takes over, and goes toe to toe with Sternberg.  As soon as the EDL are mentioned  Hoffman goes quiet and there is a quite remarkable exchange.  The whole thing runs to 335 posts spread over 5 days, many of them very lengthy. Millet and Garfield make occasional posts, all of  which avoid the EDL subject.

Sternberg takes quite a battering, but manfully tries to hold his line that the EDL  should be anathema to all Jews.  He is no match for Roberta’s verbosity, and we have to admit, incisiveness.  At NO TIME throughout all this does Hoffman, Millett or Garfield say ANYTHING to back Sternberg up. He is just left exposed and gets chewed up.

Roberta  states the following….

ps I hope Richard Millett, who I have grown to like, just like Jonathan Hoffman, does not remove this comment from here.  These two guys were the first ones I met in the Jewish community showing some guts, something you totally lack.

No protestations from either Hoffman or Millett. Sternberg was a frequent attender at the Ahava demos but he obviously, in marked contrast to Hoff and his crew, was genuinely not happy to demonstrate alongside the EDL.

Roberta goes on to tell Sternberg how he can “show some guts”.  That is “by standing with us.”  In other words Sternberg doesn’t have “guts” because he won’t “stand with us”.  However, Hoffman and Millett do have “guts”…………………

Sternberg asks Roberta to recall who it was that asked the police for a separate pen for the EDL  to demonstrate in.  She replies….

It was Jonathan.  But not because WE  caused him any embarrassment….but because he was afraid the leftist, communist scum you hang out with would take photos of him like they did before.  That is only because Jonathan CARES about what those kapos say about him, while I do not give a damn

By kapos, she means the BOD and the saner elements of the ZF.  Roberta loves the word kapos, while Hoffman favors “asaJews”.

Harvey Garfield (Hoff’s identical twin), has been popping in at regular intervals but has ignored the EDL  debate until, towards the end he appears and says….

the two state solution is an illusion.

Israel should not give up one metre of land

That he…

admires the full on ballsy approach of Roberta

And that..

“Jews tend to keep their heads down. It’s our nice middle class assimilated, yet conscious of our difference character which prohibits us from getting up close and personal with our enemies. There are exceptions to this rule. Jonathan, Richard, Roberta and others.”


“Roberta reminds me of one of the Bielski brothers, the red mist descending one.  Good for her!!!”


I don’t know much about the EDL (this after more than a year happily  demonstrating alongside of them), and if you are still here Roberta figure you could go it alone if you were a mind to. It’s time to give it back to them 10 fold, let them know we are there at their Quaker/Methodist meetings. Their A1 soiree and university hate fests etc. The next Ahava/Tesco boycott and counter boycott is likely to be June 4th.  Please endeavour to be there.


On the 25th May 2011, on another Richard Millett blog thread, Daniel Marks and Roberta are participating.  It becomes clear that Marks and Roberta are communicating privately and have arranged to meet.

Silke | May 26, 2011 at 6:52 pm |

Roberta you are so different from me how I envy Daniel for the occasion to meet with you in real life.

Marks tells that he has “learned to  respect and become quite fond of the EDL  in recent days.”  He makes an astonishing statement……..

“Such is the role of the EDL and Roberta Moore, who I have learned to respect and become quite fond of in recent days.  If a Zionist speaker is talking and the Left or fundamentalist Moslems think of disrupting, there should be several nasty, chunky looking tattooed gentlemen there to put the fear of (our) G-d into them.  If need be, the speaker should make it clear that he never invited the EDL along and disagrees with their behavior (nudge, nudge, wink, wink).  Similarly if, hypothetically, some EDL members should disrupt an anti-Semitic speaker or just wait for him outside and kick his head in (steel tipped boots are always good) such actions must be squarely condemned by all official Jewish bodies.”

Well……..this is remarkably close to what we are saying the attitude of Hoffman and his little band was to the EDL joining their demos. That is, nudge, nudge, wink, wink. Marks is describing the strategy, the outline of which, he discovered from his new found friend  Roberta during their private discussions.


So where does all this leave the Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland? It leaves its already shaky reputation in tatters.  It is almost impossible to remember that this is the once proud organisation, to whom the Balfour Declaration was delivered.  It seems to have become the plaything of a small band of crazies that if left unchecked, will bring it down completely.

For a long time, it was possible for the Federation to plead ignorance vis-a-vis Hoffman, but the events of the last two years or so have killed that defence.  The Federation has a choice.  They can do something about him or they can leave us with the inescapeable conclusion that the Federation as a whole is sympathetic to his style, tactics, and thoroughly dishonest and vindictive behaviour.

Hoffman never says or does anything positive.  It is all self-promotion.  We can’t claim to have heard everything that he has said or read everything he has written.  But we can fairly claim to be as familiar with his utterances as anyone. We have NEVER seen or heard him say anything constructive on the pressing problems of Israel/Palestine.  We have NEVER seen him declare his position on what he thinks a solution might look like, what kind of solution he favours.  It follows that nothing he does constitutes working towards an improvement in the situation in Israel/Palestine.  Yet his minder, Stephen Pollard, can describe him in a JC editorial as a “tireless worker for Middle East peace.”

This, of course, is because it is not about Israel at all. It is all merely self-promotion, a desperate but futile attempt to “be somebody” in the London Jewish community.

It is all a petty vendetta here, a petty vendetta there.  An announcement of some trivia from a fruit loop blog spot here, an announcement of some trivia from a fruit loop blog spot there.  A smear here, a smear there.  A lie here, a lie there.  A melodramatic hissy fit here, a melodramatic hissy fit there.  A cry baby routine here, a cry baby routine there.  And so on.

It may be worth a few moments of the time of the ZF,the BOD and the Jewish Chronicle  to reflect on just what Hoffman has taken them close to………

The EDL is all about Islamophobia and seeks to form links with parallel organisations in Europe and North America.  As part of this process they seem to have gotten very close to the Norwegian mass killer, Anders Breivik.  This is well documented and we won’t bore you with all the details. This Telegraph article gives a good thumb nail here.

Paul Ray acknowledges that “we probably inspired him”, and Tommy Robinson is said to have met Breivik when he visited Norway as part of his European grand tour.

The Norwegian police obviously, were immediately concerned to establish whether Breivik acted alone or whether he was part of a conspiracy.  They spent a lot of time investigating the English connection, including interviewing Alan Lake (as did the British police). It seems no evidence (or not enough evidence) of overt criminality was found.  What seems to have been the case is that they wound him up.  Not to the particular action he took, but to the need for action, generally.

Soon after the massacre Alan Lake commented that “the chickens had come home to roost”.

Roberta opined that Breivik had “missed one”, referring  to Eskil Pederson, leader of the Norwegian Workers Youth League (AUF).

It was the backlash to Lake’s comment that that led to the EDL floating the fiction that Lake had “left the EDL”.


An EDL strategy was to link the EDL with equivalents all over Europe.  If  there was a country without a suitable activist group, one would be created under the EDL banner.  If there was an existing group, their agenda had to be focused on the one true enemy.  ISLAM.


Then Roberta went too far.  She announced on the EDL facebook page that an alignment was to be established with the American Victor Vancier’s  Jewish Task Force.

Vancier was national chairman of the Jewish Defence League formed by Meir Kahane in New York in 1968.  One of its more charming members was Baruch Goldstein, who was described on the JDL website as a hero, and his action as “a preventative measure.”  The group took to bombing Arab and Soviet properties and various “enemies of the Jewish people” in the US.  They killed Alex Odeh and plotted to kill US Congressman Darrell Issa in 2001.  Needless to say they are proscribed as a terrorist organisation in the US.

After his second jail term for bombing atrocities, Vancier was denied re-entry to the JDL (his convictions being inconvenient  given their protestations to non-violence.)

Vancier, his mental health deteriorating rapidly, responded by forming his own parallel organisation, The Jewish Task Force.

The EDL responded to Roberta’s declaration with an unequivocal denunciation of it.  It wasn’t a difference in ideology, more one of temperament.  Roberta is a 24/7 fruit loop. The other guys are part-timers.  They have families and lives.  Some of them had escaped by the skin of their teeth from the Breivik thing.  Their objection was to looking down the barrel of 40 years in jail for terrorism. Roberta had gotten very dangerous.

Roberta  responded with “fuck you I don’t care what you think, it’s happening.”

In consequence, Roberta was eased out.  She made a declaration that with great regret she was leaving the EDL to take up an “international role.”  By this, she meant consolidating her ties with Vancier and establishing a JTF  presence in the UK and Europe.  And this is where she is at as we type.

This is the woman that has her claws into Hoffman.  A woman too crazy for the EDL.  The woman that Hoffman and his crew, in the words of Harvey Garfield, were happy to make “common cause” with.  The woman who, according to Garfield, Dan Judelson is a 100 times worse than.

In May 2012 Roberta was arrested for a breach of the peace accompanied by Joel Yossi.  Yossi, if anything, is crazier than Roberta.  Born in Hebron where he spent his early life, he made a name for himself as the leader of a band of nutters devoted to terrorizing Palestinian villagers.  He has accumulated a string of convictions as long as your arm in both Israel and the UK.  These range from benefit fraud all the way to violent assault.  He has served jail terms for some of these convictions.

The video below shows the company that Roberta is currently keeping and her arrest.

Roberta won’t stop. One day she will be associated with a bomb.  And the link will then  be……..

BOD   Zionist Federation   Stephen Pollard   Hoffman   Roberta   JTF   Bomb

What the community needs to understand is that things like this will happen again.  This man DOESN’T LEARN.



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