Rabbi Danny Rich

Perhaps nothing  shines the spotlight on Hoffman’s character, or complete lack thereof, quite like his preposterous behaviour with respect to Rabbi Danny Rich.

The story is short and uncomplicated, but so illuminating.

Danny Rich is Chief Executive of Liberal Judaism.  This organisation is a long way from being  the reasonable, cuddly organisation that it portrays itself as.  It is under the malign influence of its chairman, Lucian Hudson, who  has a penchant for bullying and the vendetta, reminiscent of Hoffman, himself.  The organisation has  totally disgraced and discredited itself by the role it has played in the assault on the Methodist Church in recent years.  (see the link below)

As for Danny Rich himself, there is no doubting his commitment  to pluralism and tolerance within the Jewish Community, even if he does have a penchant for employing the thugs of the execrable CST as body guards.  Who he feels he needs protection from, we do not know.

In February 2011, there was a meeting of the national council of the increasingly extremist Zionist Federation.  At this time, Hoffman was Co-Vice Chair of this sad and sorry organisation, with its shameless links to the far Islamophobic right, and its partnerships with nut-job Christian Zionists, e.g. Christian Friends of Israel.  Hoffman  attended  the said council meeting in this capacity.

Now, the point to bear in mind is that the deliberations of this meeting were intended to be confidential (as to why, your guess is as good as ours).  Shortly afterwards, it became known that Hoffman had laid before the council, a resolution removing Rabbi Rich as a patron, on the grounds that he was in the habit of sharing platforms with people not to Hoffman’s liking, and his insistence  that advocacy of one state between the river and the sea was not necessarily anti-Semitic.  In other words, someone had leaked details of the deliberations over Danny Rich and that it was Hoffman that had moved the resolution.

Hoffman had intended that nobody would ever know  that it was him that had stirred it up.  Hoffman was busted and clearly very shaken.  On being approached by the Jewish Chronicle, he refused to comment, a state of affairs previously unheard of.  Eventually, he went on a desperate offensive, smearing Danny Rich up hill and down dale.  Too late, the damage was done.

Rabbi Rich commented…

Jonathan Hoffman’s campaign against me does neither him or the Zionist Federation any credit. …..Perhaps he will now  find a more constructive cause for his undoubted energy

For the role of Liberal Judaism in the campaign against the Methodist Church see here.


Rabbi Danny Rich

Jonathan Hoffman

Jonathan Hoffman


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