Hoffman and Mick Davis

Mick Davis

Mick Davis

Mick Davis is at the top of the list of Hoffman’s many hates. This is largely born of intense frustration. Davis is an extremely rich business man, prominent in the Jewish leadership council, until recently chairman of the United Jewish Israel Appeal  and a realist on the question of Israel’s survival as a Jewish and democratic state. Fiercely independent he seems not to regard himself as being bound by the code of silence that is a cornerstone of the BOD attitude to Israel.

This code is couched in the the declared policy of ” avoiding offering the government of Israel advice on how best to safeguard Israel’s security”. This is code for desisting from any public criticism. This policy was seen at its starkest in the deafening silence following the recent retaliatory announcement of plans to build in E1, which even the firmly onside editor of the Jewish Chronicle called ” truculence not statesmanship”. The Board FORMALLY declared that it would not comment on the subject ” at this time ” ( ie ever).

What drives Hoffman to distraction is Davis refusing to take him ( Hoffman )  seriously or to engage with him directly. Unable to accept that whenever he ” takes on ” Davis he is on a sure fire loser Hoffman proceeds to do just that at regular intervals, always with the same inevitable outcome. Hoffman’s lack of any kind of grasp on reality when it comes to Davis is probably best illustrated by the affair of ” the petition”.

Davis said some things at a meeting that caused quite a stir. Fairly heavy criticism of Nehanyahu and certain Israeli policies in general.What really seems to have stirred up the hornets is that he is reported to have said “ If……the world community no longer believes  a two state solution is possible, we de facto become an apartheid state. “

Now, you would have thought this was a no brainer. A statement of the blindin’ bleedin’ obvious. But no, all hell broke loose. The noise from the crazies reached a crescendo .Amid all this noise Hoffman decided that HE was GOING TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

Hoffman’s  pet toy is the “ online petition”. You must have seen them.  Silly little online tools akin to the Jewish Chronicle’s  regular piece, “ do you agree that ……”  Tick yes or no. He resorts to these a lot.  They usually attract between 80 and 120 “signatories “. How many of these are Hoffman himself, how many are Harvey Garfield,  and how many are Roberta is anyone’s guess.

This was the lance with which he was going to slay the Davis dragon.

This ” petition ” called  for the removal of Davis from his chairmanship of the UJIA. It is impossible to over  state the cringing embarrassment these antics caused in the community, but almost immediate relief was at hand. Davis threatened to sue and Hoffman removed his petition in less than the flutter of an eyelid.

Earlier this week Davis emailed me complaining about the petition. He threatened to sue me. The email was copied to James Libson of Mishcoms. Because Mick Davis has far deeper pockets than me, I have closed the petition to new signatories and have taken steps to take down the petition.

Irrepressible and self deluded as ever Hoffman then goes on the offensive again.

The story becomes…… How sickening that a man who wants  a new global Jewish conversation  uses his financial muscle to close down legitimate criticism of his comments. It seems that conversation is fine provided the views expressed in that conversation, including reasonable critiques of his own views, are acceptable to him

So here we have it. And this tale of big bad Mick Davis using his money to  prevent people debating and criticising his opinions finds its  way onto every fruit loop Jewish extremist blog spot in the world.

Except of course that isn’t how it was. Here we have typical Hoffman dissembling histrionics.

Davis never  demanded the removal of the petition. Hoffman chose, in a sulk, to do that. Davis merely demanded that Hoffman’s scurrilous misrepresentation of what he had said and what his position was be corrected.

As reported by the Jewish Chronicle….Mr Davis wrote “ Either frame your petition properly, accurately setting out my position,  or take down your mischaracterisations. If you do not I will sue to have them removed and for you to issue the appropriate apology. I obviously will donate any damages I receive to the UJIA”

Mr Davis said he was more than happy for debate to continue but wanted his position to be accurately represented.

Mick Davis is clearly an extremely unreasonable man.

So Davis gives Hoffman the option of representing him fairly and debating his  views until the cows come home. But Hoffman doesn’t want to debate Davis’s views he wants to debate his ( Hoffman’s ) version of Mick Davis’s views. Unable to do this he takes his bat briefly home and then embarks on anther lie and smear rampage.

Now you would think he would have learned something from all this……..no chance.

Interestingly, in the very same JC  news article we have this, which gives us a clue to Hoffman’s state of mind at this time. He seems to have been going through some kind of meltdown.

In a separate case Mr Hoffman’s membership of the BOD international division has been suspended for one week. He was involved in a verbal clash with division chairman Paul Edlin. Mr Hoffman said attempts had been made to humiliate him during the meeting and he had defended his dedicated Israel activism.



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