Hall Of Wimps

Sunday’s debate at the Board of Deputies was a most remarkable affair.   Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of the whole affair was the incredibly wimpy behaviour of several anti-motion speakers.  Astonishingly, they took advantage of the option not to have their contributions live streamed, having such confidence in what they were saying, they refused to let the outside world have the benefit of hearing their “arguments”.  Most astonishing of all, chief among them, was the execrable Jonathan Hoffman, the chief mover of the anti-project cult and self-styled co-chair of advocacy, Zionist Federation.  Geddit?  The advocate who refuses to be heard, seemingly on a one man mission to make the Zionist Federation a laughing stock.  As one unkind blogger put it on Hoffman’s blog that he has hastily deleted, “How do you know when you’ve got cockroaches?  Turn on the lights.”  We do know that one of his “arguments” was that contact with Oxfam would result in the brainwashing of young Jews.  This prompted the following tweet:

HELP! I think I might be about to be brainwashed #bod

Retweeted by Jon Benjamin
Jonathan Hoffman

Jonathan Hoffman

The other wimps were…..

Jonathan Sacredotti

Jonathan Sacerdoti

Gary Mond

Gary Mond

Rosalind Pike




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